1. Deep Inside
2. Today
3. Round and Around
4. Snafu
5. Speechless
6. Physical Is Only Physical
7. I'm So High
8. Reunion
9. Killing Song

Andy Cain: Guitars, Lead Vocals
Daas: Bass, Vocals
Tim Kelly: Drums, Vocals
Meet Vedge

Produced by Pride Hutchison and Vedge

Mixed by Dale Lawton

Recorded at Grand Master Studio, Hollywood, CA (Exceptions: "Round & Around," "Reunion," and "Speechless" recorded at Explosive Studio 12, Hollywood, CA)

Recorded by Brad Cook, (Exceptions: "Round & Around," "Reunion" recorded by Dale Lawton, "Speechless" recorded by Pride Hutchison & Tim Kelly)

Assistant Engineers - Todd Burke and Shakespeare
Special Assistance: Kris Key and Melcon Wagner
Mastered by John F. Matousek at Master Works, Hollywood, CA
All songs written by Vedge
Lyrics on "Deep Inside" written by Scott Hutchison & Vedge

©2009 Explosive Records. All Rights Reserved.