1. Meet Me On The Floor
2. g.o.d.
3. Free Up The Flowers
4. This Love
5. Rich Man's War
6. Let's Dance
7. Open Up Your Eyes
8. Where Is It The Love Has Gone
9. Desert Tears
10. Science Of Life
11. My Lady
12. Yes I want To Know

Produced by: Alex "ILocks" Walker and Pride Hutchison

Co Produced by Souls Of Love and Teddy Jack

Mixed by Pride Hutchison, Steve Loiacano and Teddy Jack

© 2009 Soul Love Records/Explosive Records
Souls Of Love
G.O.D. (Gold, Oil and Diamonds)

Souls Of Love debut album, G.O.D. (Gold Oil and Diamonds) features Alex "ILocks" Walker, long-time keyboardist for Ras Michael and The Sons Of Negus and Eek-a-Mouse.

The album features some of the best players in the reggae scene, including Marc Rey (Guitar), Freddy Flint (Guitar), Eric "Baby Face" Walsh (Guitar), Elijah "Sky" Walker (Bass), Alex "ILocks" Walker (Vocals and Keyboards), Geri "Love" Walker (Keyboards), Gerald Couchman (Drums), Mekiel Reuben (Sax and Flute), and additional Percussion and Electronic effects by Hashim "Dr. Scorpion" Russell, make for lethal dance grooves.

Souls Of Love cast a sonic spell with G.O.D. Combining reggae and pop with dance-hall grooves. As a result, the mood of the music quickly captures your spirit and shakes your soul.

"The album name is g.o.d. an acronym for (gold, oil, and diamonds)," ILocks says, "you know, that's what they mean when they say 'in God we trust'."

Souls Of Love are calling you to the dance floor. Are you ready to dance!

In the resurrection men shall rise- Not those, steeped in sin and lies, But  the Souls of Love for good and truth Shall blossom forth in spiritual youth.
- Marcus Garvey


©2009 Explosive Records. All Rights Reserved.