1. In The Heights
2. Children In The Streets
3. Live Up
4. Crossover
5. War & Downpression
6. Be Aware
7. Love Music
8. In This Life

Doc James: Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards
Kali Campbell: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Richard Brown: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards
U-E: Percussion., Vocals
Local Hero

Tulsa reggae band's debut release

Additional Musicians:
Tex Montana: Our anchor person
Joel Ross: Sax, Clarinet
Melinie McMillan: Vocals, (Children in the Streets)
Lon Jones: Congas, (War and Downpression)

Produced by Dale Lawton and Local Hero
Executive Producer: Pride Hutchison
Recorded and Mixed at Explosive Records
Mastering Engineer: Wally Traugott
Mixed by: Dale Lawton, Pride Hutchison, & Local Hero
Photograpy: Tom Keith
Art Direction: Braun Cain Graphics & Tony Heckenkemper

©2009 Explosive Records. All Rights Reserved.